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Drink Consult Finland Oy offers versatile production solutions and machinery for beverage industry production. We are a reliable provider of the ingredients, machinery, filters, packaging, caps and corks for the needs of the beverage industry. 

We are based in Turku and cover all of Finland. We are trusted by numerous beverage producers and business owners – we welcome you to join their ranks!

high-quality beco filtration products

We offer high-quality BECO filtration products and equipment for the beverage industry and beverage industry providers.

Examples of products available through us:

  • BECO filter sheets

  • BECO filter cartridges

  • BECO membranes

  • BECO modules

  • BECO excipients

  • BECOGUR diatomaceous earth

You can revolutionise the filtration process of your beverages also with the BECOPAD filter developed by BEGEROW. The filter is a technological innovation, where the strict microbial safety standards are combined with excellent colour and flavour fidelity. 

BECOPAD is a non-drip filter, which means that the drip loss is minimal. The product is made of pure cellulose, which makes it biodegradable. BECOPAD filter helps you save time and money, due to its 20% higher filtering performance. You will also be doing your bit for the environment: the BECOPAD filters aim at saving water by 50% and are available in 7 different filtering capabilities from rough filtration to sterile filtration.  

oenological constructions Milan


Founded in 1948 and based in Milan, C.E.M. is a company specialized in enological technolgies and solutions. Our area of expertise includes constructions of efficient and durable bbottling , saturating machines, afrometers and treatements systems for beer and wine.
Innovation, reliability and high quality are CEM distinguishing signs and represent missions to us since the company's foundation. Those values inspire us; we build upon them a solid base of trustiness and accountability obtaining customers satisfaction. Our production model is closer to "limited and controlled production" despite the adoption of a mass production model.
We design and produce products tailored around the customers, we design to fits perfectly the customer needs.

INNOVATIve filling technology adapted to your requirements

We offer innovative filling technology for the beverage industry. We also sell, among others, the filling machinery and other filling equipment and solutions to the beverage industry and small producers.  

For example, we provide first rate filling machines and bottling or entire packaging lines. We only provide the best possible quality to our customers. With filling technology, you can choose between fully and semi-automated solutions.

As well as the machines and equipment, we also provide, for example, carbonated products, bottles and barrels. We offer filling technology adapted to your company and its needs. 

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KTM Counter pressure filler

KTM troxler logo

wide range of ingredients for beverage industry

We provide our customers with all ingredients required in the beverage industry – whatever your requirement. We also provide professional guidance in choosing the right ingredients.  

Examples of products available through us:

  • Enzymes: pectinases, amylases and specialty enzymes.

  • Fermenters: wine yeasts, sparkling wine yeasts, distillate yeasts, SIHA fermentation salts and SIHA Vitamin B1.

  • Fining agents: SIHA Bentonite, SIHA Gelatine, silicic acid and special ingredients.

  • Preservatives: SIHA Sulphur, SIHA Potassium sorbate, SIHA Citric acid, SIHA Ascorbic acid, malic acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid.

  • Apuaineet: SIHA Precipitated chalk, SIHA Activated carbon, SIHA Tannin, SIHA Brilliant, SIHA Distillation acid, SIHA Antifoam agent, Becocell and Becofloc.

Do you require some other ingredient for your beverage? Please contact us – we aim to provide a full range of ingredients for the beverage industry. 


Drink Consult Finland Oy takes care of the entire beverage production lifecycle all the way to bottling and packaging. We provide the technological solutions for bottling and packaging and the packaging products, as well. You can buy from us, for example, bottles, corks and caps and also shrinkage materials and heat shrink capsules. 

We have a wide range of bottles in different styles and sizes, so you can choose just the right packaging for your beverage!

We also have a wide selection of corks and caps. Please choose from the following:

  • Natural corks

  • Sparkling wine corks

  • Screw caps

  • Twist-off caps

  • Specialty corks and caps

Please ask about our different packaging styles!

photo gallery – our services and products

We provide a wide range of services and solutions for the beverage industry. We are a one-stop-shop for technological solutions, such as production, handling and packaging lines and equipment for the beverage industry.  We also have a wide range of ingredients and packaging materials available for our customers. Please see our picture gallery for further information on our versatile selection of products and equipment, all conveniently availabe through us!

Please also see our services for the food industry!

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Drink Consult Finland Oy is a solid expert in the beverage industry. Our experience of designing solutions for the F&B industry and entrepreneurs goes back 25 years.

Please contact us if you are looking for technological solutions, machinery, ingredients or other production equipment for the beverage industry.  

We are happy to help you create innovative solutions adapted to your requirements and to provide guidance in choosing the right products. We provide individual designs and bespoke solutions to each company.  

We are a reliable partner specialising in the beverage industry! We are based in Turku and our services are available everywhere in Finland. We also offer our services in all Nordic countries.



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