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Drink Consult Finland Oy offers versatile technological solutions for the food industry. We provide, for example, food processing machinery, packaging, corks and caps and heat shrink capsules. 

We offer our services to the F&B industry in Finland and the Nordic countries, operating from our offices in Turku. If you are looking for an expert in the food industry production solutions, please contact us!

TEchnological solutions from production lines to drying technologies

We provide versatile technological solutions for the food industry. We design and sell, for example, entire production and packaging lines. On top of that, we offer our customers a range of products used in the food industry, such as low-pressure industrial cookers, autoclaves and dosing dispensers.

We also provide top-of-the-range drying technologies for the food industry. For example, the high-quality VegeDryer drying machine, manufactured in Finland, is perfectly suited to drying berries, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms. Whether you are looking for entire production solutions adapted to your requirements, or individual items, we've got you covered! We are experts in food industry technology sales for all requirements.

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stylish food packaging

As well as the technologal side, we also take care of the packaging for the food industry. We provide packaging, such as bottles and jars for all kinds of food products, according to your requirements.  

Examples of our selection of corks/caps and lids:

  • Natural corks

  • Sparkling wine corks

  • Screw caps

  • Twist-off lids

  • Specialty caps

If you require packaging technology or products for your company, please contact us. We offer a wide range of technological solutions and packaging. 

TecnoFlussin dosing machines, Agustoni food processing machinery and Sacar forni production of professional ovens are examples of what is available through us – see further details in the photo gallery!


Since ancient times the wood oven has been used for cooking bread and food. Its birth is lost in the past and can be traced back to the birth of bread itself.
The only way to be able to cook it was to use a wood oven. In addition to bread, other foods can also be cooked in the wood oven, first of all pizza followed by roasts, farinate, desserts.

The wood-fired oven provides food with a genuine cooking and flavor that cannot be obtained with other types of cooking.

Sacar forni website

photo gallery – see our products and solutions

For over 25 years, Drink Consult Finland Oy has delivered and sold a wide range of solutions for the food industry. Please see our photo gallery for the variety of products and services available through us. Contact us – and you might well become one of our satisfied customers!

Read also about our services for the beverage industry!

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Drink Consult Finland Oy is an expert in food industry processes. We design and provide high-quality technological solutions for the food industry. We take care of the entire food production life cycle all the way to the packaging.

We provide you with the best equipment and expertise that the industry has to offer so you can focus on producing high-quality food products. 

Food industry is our specialty so you can rely on our solid expertise. 

We cover all of Finland and the Nordic countries from our offices in Turku. Please contact us with your query or request a quote!



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