Drink Consult Finland is a competent specialist in the beverages and food industry. We design complete production, handling and packaging lines, our aim being to create customised, durable systems. An extensive network of customers means we can plan processes specifically for individual products.

Our expertise covers everything from small production needs to major industrial requirements.

Our product range spans machines, appliances, filtration plates, chemicals/ ingredients, laboratory equipment, glass bottles and jars, and corks and shrink capsules of various types.

Are you seeking new solutions for your own production process? Drink Consult Finland Oy offers effective solutions based on extensive experience.

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For all fruits smaller than 10 cm. Table model.


Moisture balance mod Crystal Therm





Counter-Pressure Bottle Filler

Oenochemical distilling unit mod. DEE


High quality Finnish condensation dryers made for various sectors of industry. These dryers are suitable for e.g. drying wood products (Wood Dryer), foodstuffs (Vege Dryer) and all kinds of production drying (Pro Dryer).

Vege Dryers